Rhinoplasty In Miami (Nose Surgery)

Rhinoplasty, or more commonly, “nose surgery” is a cosmetic procedure designed to reshape, aesthetically enhance, or functionally enhance the nose. Patients choose to reduce, enlarge, straighten, or shorten the nose for a variety of reasons, from birth defects to disfigurement after an accident.

Cosmetic or reconstructive surgery of the nose should be performed by a surgeon with extensive experience, as there is little room for error when it comes to cosmetic procedures on the face. The skilled surgeon will not simply create the nose that the patient wants, but takes into account which nose shape would be ideal for the facial structure of the patients. While there are different techniques done to address different issues, rhinoplasty is one of the most sought after procedures today, as it can significantly improve the balance of the face without it being obviously obvious that the surgery has been performed.

When considering nose surgery?

As with all cosmetic procedures, the choice to have nose surgery is a deeply personal choice, based on how you feel about your nose and how you want your nose to look. The nose ages like the rest of the body and tends to tip at the tip, causing an elongated appearance. This drop-in cartilage, combined with the loss of other structural support in the nose, can dramatically change the way the nose looks over time.

Are you a good candidate for nose surgery?

As with all procedures at Jolie Plastic Surgery, candidates must be in good general health and prepared for recovery after their nose job. Since rhinoplasty is performed under general anesthesia, patients are encouraged to quit smoking, drinking alcohol, and using recreational drugs prior to surgery. The surgeon will also review all prescription medications to make sure they do not react with anesthesia.

Ideally, patients undergoing cosmetic procedures, especially facial procedures, should have realistic expectations and consider the surgeon’s suggestions. Normally well adjusted and in a stable place in their lives, cosmetic surgery patients have valid reasons to want their surgery. The patient must be able to articulate what they want from their surgery and not wait for a simple nose job to change other aspects of their life.