Stylist and Digital Influencer,  Niharika has been creating quite a stir in the fashion industry.

Founded in 2015 by Kanika and her sister Niharika the blog was initially named beautifulyou, together they decided to rebrand it to the more influential blog to widened its reach and named it TheKNclan.

Kanika an engineer by profession is also the creative director and stylist for the blog. Her knowledge of fashion and everything trendy made her launch beautifulyou in 2015 to express herself and how she perceives fashion. Being a teenager she always wanted to share the pictures and to chronicle her daily thoughts and personal style but being a camera shy she was reluctant to do it herself, hence her sister joined in. Her focus is to embody the elegance and beauty in every style she curates, by ditching the idea of a perfect body-type.

Niharika a lawyer in progress is the digital influencer, model for the blog. Being petite herself she brings out the fashion for each body type on her blog. Though being very selective in her fashion preferences she never shies away from bringing out the different style for her followers.

While traveling, exploring places and learning fashion they together share their passion for fashion, beauty, and lifestyle with all their readers each day.Both the September born siblings inherited the passion for fashion and creativity since childhood and through their blog, they let their readers have a look into their ongoing vibrant world.

The aim of TheKNclan is to brand itself as a unique fashion editorial in the fashion industry, where the focus is on editorial-quality-posts for every body type. The sisters want to inspire women all over the world, empower them to believe that beauty lies within and to give them the confidence to feel beautiful.
Together they will encourage, educate and inspire everyone through their personal style, beauty tips, fashion trick and runway trends.

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